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Thank you for your time and for your interest in team based care using telemedicine.  We hope in the future to produce other videos of teams providing care for patients with particularly challenging health conditions.  For now, we would like to understand your perceptions of the strengths and areas for improvement of our current production. 

We Want To Know!

- What do you find particularly useful or important in the material on this website?

- How might you use the material on the website in your work?

- What could we do to improve the experience of using the website?

- How could the material be improved?

- How would you code and bill for the visit shown here?

- Are you willing to give us a testimonial?  (Note: If we use what you say, we will use your name with your words.  Otherwise, nothing of what you say will be shared.)

- What else do you want to tell us?

- What questions do you have?

Thanks for submitting!

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